Battleships. A game where you do your best to smash your opponent navy.
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As my response to the movement of “Get Noticed!”, I decided to develop a game. Game with which I have some feelings and for sure some good memories. This small entertainment was for sure part of my childhood which has been kept in my mind for the next years.

The game in Poland was called “Manewry Morskie” (Naval Maneuvers?). Anyway the idea is to beat your opponent with your navy fleet, or rather with your clever and cunning actions. The game introduces complexity of different variety of ships like for instance: submarines, destroyers, ship missile etc. On top of this some ships have different ranges. In addition each player has own starting setup which of course is unknown to his or her enemy.

People who used to play this game, will immediately recognize it by these remarkable pawns…

I am one of the lucky guys, who still have the game and I honestly play it a lot with my brother. Unfortunately we live in different cities so here I am, learning new things and fulfilling a need to beat my brother in our best game!


The application in the first releases will be an online application. I always like to have a plan or at least definition of the few next points, so as part of preparation to the project I have mocked up the screen of the application.


The aim is to develop the game with the usage of JavaScript as the dominant technology. Since it will require some coding both on server and client, choosing JavaScipt seems to be optimal option. As for the server purposes, node.js with express.js will be applied. As for the client, at the moment no specific technology has been planned beside obvious ones like jQuery or Bootstrap. One of the goal is to enable players to play the game on mobile phones with the use of default Internet browser - in the MoSCoW prioritization, this requirement has SHOULD priotitization.

With this small opening, wish me good luck as I wish to all attendees of “Get Noticed!” movement.