Commits on Jul 26, 2013
Commits on Apr 2, 2013
  1. Stops the file:// URL hack for IE from breaking CORS requests when

    shebiki committed Apr 2, 2013
    hosted on a regular http:// URL.
Commits on Mar 6, 2013
  1. Adds HTML comments to all pages that reference the development css/js

    shebiki committed Mar 6, 2013
    files to remind people to not directly link to them, instead they should
    use a minified version. The CDN link is provided in the comment.
Commits on Mar 1, 2013
Commits on Feb 28, 2013
  1. Fixes bug in $.ui.simplicityYahooGeocoder that prevented it from seeing

    shebiki committed Feb 28, 2013
    successful geocode responses.
  2. Improves $.ui.simplicityFactedInput to work with a label surrounding the

    shebiki committed Feb 28, 2013
    input as well as associated via a for attribute.
  3. Simplifies the geocoder sandbox pages to not use a jQuery UI

    shebiki committed Feb 28, 2013
    autocomplete widget, instead they contain the minium code to perform a
    geocode request put a marker on the map for each result and zoom the map
    into the first result.
  4. Renames the css files to match their actual selector.

    shebiki committed Feb 28, 2013
        simplicityFancySelect.css -> ui-simplicity-fancy-select.css
        simplicityPagination.css -> ui-simplicity-pagination.css
        simplicitySelectSlider.css -> ui-simplicity-select-slider.css
        simplicitySlider.css -> ui-simplicity-slider.css
  5. Prefixes the css classes in use by the Simplicity Widgets.

    Daniel Kaplun authored and shebiki committed Feb 26, 2013
    Removes double div.ui-simplicity-pagination from
    $.ui.simplicityPagination and simplicityPagination.css.
    Adds 'ui-simplicity-pagination-' prefix to all of it's css classes.
    Adds the ui-helper-clearfix class to the simplicityPagination widget by default.
  6. Adds text() to dynamically added options from $.fn.simplicityFromState

    shebiki committed Feb 28, 2013
    make debugging easier.
Commits on Feb 25, 2013
  1. Puts back the default Google Map marker to a google.maps.Marker instead

    shebiki committed Feb 25, 2013
    of a $.simplicityGoogleMarker.
  2. Makes simplicity use maven and wro4j instead of our custom

    shebiki committed Feb 25, 2013
    media-compressor project. Takes advantage of maven to provide the wro4j
    jars needed to build the distribution.
  3. Removes the documentation and jsdoc-toolkit support, this is now

    shebiki committed Feb 25, 2013
    available as part of the simplicity-site repository.
Commits on Feb 22, 2013
  1. Adds IE CORS workaround to all the example pages so they work correctly

    shebiki committed Feb 22, 2013
    when loaded from a file:// URL.
    To view the examples on IE, right-click on the index.html file and any
    example HTML file that you wish to use and select "Properties". From
    this dialog click on the "Unblock" button in the security section.
    When you then load the page in IE (by double clicking on it) a popdown
    will appear telling you that ActiveX controls are restricted, click on
    it and select "Allow Blocked Content...", this will allow the page to
    make an outbound CORS request to the engine.
    If you don't follow these instructions on IE, then you'll get a
    "Permission Denied" error in the search response JSON object.
  2. Simplifies directory layout, moving /docroot/* to /*, /docroot/js/sim…

    shebiki committed Feb 22, 2013
    …plicity/* to /js/*
    and /docroot/css/simplicity/* to /css/*. Removes the bing and yahoo
    geocoder proxies, replacing references to them with the deployed
    versions on
  3. Replaces the server-side PHP search controller files with browser-side

    shebiki committed Feb 22, 2013
    JavaScript equivalents.
  4. Updates the example html pages to HTML5 and conditionally include

    shebiki committed Feb 21, 2013
    the html5shim, xdr and json2 resources for IE.
Commits on Feb 21, 2013
  1. Updates the facetdriven example page to use a JavaScript backed search

    shebiki committed Feb 21, 2013
    controller and results renderer.
  2. Updates the jsdoc for simplicity.ajaxHelper to refer to

    shebiki committed Feb 21, 2013
    /my_search_controller.php instead of searchController.php, bringing it
    inline with all the other examples.
  3. Moves the sandbox pages from docroot/test to docroot/sandbox. Moves the

    shebiki committed Feb 21, 2013
    example pages from docroot/tutorial to docroot/example. Consolidates
    the example pages index into the main index.
  4. Renames the widget JS files to be prefixed with "ui.". Concretely,

    shebiki committed Feb 21, 2013
    simplicityWidget.js is now ui.simplicityWidget.js.
  5. Moves the core geographic functions from $.simplicityGeoFn to

    shebiki committed Feb 21, 2013
    $.simplicity. Removes the old backwards compatible shims from
    when each function was in global scope.
        $.simplicityGeoFn.degreesToRadians -> $.simplicity.degreesToRadians
        $.simplicityGeoFn.radiansToDegrees -> $.simplicity.radiansToDegrees
        $.simplicityGeoFn.distanceRadians -> $.simplicity.haversineDistanceRadians
        $.simplicityGeoFn.distanceMiles -> $.simplicity.haversineDistanceMiles
        $.simplicityGeoFn.distanceKm -> $.simplicity.haversineDistanceKm