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A script to generate the bootstrap zipball for Nix on Android (aarch64-only for now).
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Nix on Android, in a single-click installable package. It's a bit of a mess for now, but hey, it works!

This script installs Nix package manager on Android. It does not require root, user namespaces support or disabling SELinux, but it relies on proot and numerous other hacks instead. It uses a fork of Termux-the-terminal-emulator app, but has no relation to Termux-the-distro. Please do not pester Termux folks about my stuff.

Will only work with aarch64. It should be easy to support x86 devices, but I don't own one. Sorry, it would not work on 32-bit ARM devices and it's probably not an easy feat to pull off.

This repository contains the script that is responsible for the initial bootstrap zipball generation.

Try it out

Prebuilt stuff resides at


  • Run nix-on-droid-install. Otherwise it's just Nix and that's too barebones.
  • If you don't want to, read the tips that are displayed at the beginning of each new session.
  • To grant the app access to the storage, use the toggle in the app settings (reacheable from Android settings).
  • If the terminal freezes, use 'Acquire wakelock' button in the notification or tone down your aggressive power saving stuff.
  • If you have name resolution issues, start with specifying your nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf.


Copyright (c) 2019 Alexander Sosedkin

Based off the official Nix install script (, presumably written by Eelco Dolstra.

Is deployed and used with a fork of Termux-the-terminal-emulator app, but has no relation to Termux-the-distro.

Previous project that did use Termux-the-distro:

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