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A Ruby Gem that connects to Weather Underground's XML API feed. Provides current conditions, future forecasts, weather alerts, and links to weather camera images and weather radars.
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== Weatherboy

Weatherboy is an easy-to-use gem that interfaces with the weather XML feeds.
You are responsible for following Weather Underground's Terms of Service when using thier data feeds.


== Setup
Require the gem like you would any other gem. 

Then somewhere in your code, create a new Weatherboy object. The initilize method can take an area code, airport code, localweather station code, a city/state combo, or no arguments. Passing a location into the initilize method sets the location attribute used for all API calls.

  weatherboy =
  weatherboy ="Indianapolis, IN")
  weatherboy =

You can set/change the location at any time via the location attribute of the object.

  weatherboy.location = "New York, NY"
  weatherboy.location = 46220
  => 46220

The location attribute must be set before you can use any API calls.

== Retrieving Weather Information 
Now that you've created a Weatherboy instance and set a location for it, you're ready to get some weather information.

=== current
The current method retrieves the current weather information in the form of a Weatherboy::Current object.

  w = weatherboy.current
  => #<Weatherboy::Current:0x8c3dfe0...
  => "Overcast"
  => "31"

=== Attributes of the Weatherboy::Current class
* icon (URL)
* weather
* temp_f
* temp_c
* relative_humidity
* wind_dir
* wind_mph
* pressure_mb
* pressure_in
* dewpoint_f
* dewpoint_c
* heat_index_f
* heat_index_c
* windchill_f
* windchill_c
* windchill_c
* visibility_mi
* visibility_km

=== forecasts
The get_forecasts method retrieves future weather predictions in the form of an array of Weatherboy::Forecast objects.

  f = weatherboy.forecasts
  => [#<Weatherboy::Forecast:0x8c3dfe0...]
  => "43"
  => "Mostly Cloudy"

=== Attributes of the Weatherboy::Current class
* high_f
* high_c
* low_f
* low_c
* conditions
* icon (URL)
* pop (Possibility of Precipitation)
* title (This Afternoon, Tonight, Monday, etc)
* text (Full text of forecast)

=== alerts ===
The alerts method retrieves severe weather alerts and special weather statements in the form of an array of Weatherboy::Alert objects.

  a = weatherboy.alerts
  => true
  => 1
  => "3:40 am PST on January 15, 2008"
  => "Lake Wind Advisory"

=== Attributes of the Weatherboy::Alert class
* description
* date (Just the string returned from the XML. Not a date object)
* message (Usually a HUGE wall of text)

=== media
The media method retrieves local weather webcams of the location and stores them in a hash containing Weatherboy::Webcam objects and a Weatherboy::Radar object.
get_media returns true on a successful result.

  m =
  => true
  => "" 
  => "" 

=== Attributes of the Weatherboy::Radar class
* image_url
* url

=== Attributes of the Weatherboy::Webcam class
* handle
* camid
* assoc_station_id
* link
* link_text
* organization
* cameratype
* neighborhood
* zip
* city
* state
* country
* updated
* image_url
* widget_url
* cam_url
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