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IRTF Thing-to-Thing Research Group (T2TRG)

The IRTF Thing-to-Thing Research Group (T2TRG) investigates open research issues in turning a true “Internet of Things” into reality, an Internet where low-resource nodes (“things”, “constrained nodes”) can communicate among themselves and with the wider Internet, in order to partake in permissionless innovation. The focus of the T2TRG is on issues that touch opportunities for standardization in the IETF, i.e., it starts at the adaptation layer connecting devices to IP, and end at the application layer with architectures and APIs for communicating and making data and management functions (including security functions) available.

March 2016 T2TRG meeting in San Jose

The March 2016 T2TRG meeting will take place immediately before the IAB Workshop on IoT Semantic Interoperability in San Jose.

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The program for this meeting will have semantic interoperability as a natural focus (as well as a natural progression of much of the W3C collaboration so far); note that security also is/has semantics. We also are looking for some introductory talks in particular from North American players, and will share an afternoon with OCF (which used to be called OIC). We probably also want to spend some time progressing the plugREST and benchmark scenario ideas.

  • Date: Tue 2016-03-15 and Wed -16 (co-located with the IAB IOTSI workshop that follows on the next two days)
    • Time: Tue 10:00..18:00, Wed 09:00..18:00 PDT
      • Warning for participants from EU: This is Daylight Savings time in the US already then (PDT from Sun March 13), but not yet in the EU (EU DST starts Sun March 27). So this is one hour LESS in time difference (e.g., 8 hours to CET).
  • Location: San Jose, CA. Ericsson campus. 2795 Augustine Dr, Santa Clara, CA
    • There are three buildings in the Ericsson campus, but only one (building A) is operational at this time. Please come to building A lobby to pick up your badge. Parking is available around the building and in the parking garage behind the Building C.
    • Wed lunch and afternoon: Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley (with OCF)
  • Rooms: TBD (one large, additional breakout rooms available)
  • Registration link:
    • Registration deadline has passed — if you want to come unexpectedly, please contact the RG chairs so we can get you a badge!

(To be part of the IoTSI workshop following the RG meeting on Thursday/Friday, you had to submit a position paper by February 22 already.)

Focus of this meeting

Making best use of the colocation with the IoT Semantic Interoperability Workshop, aspects of application layer information exchange and the related security will be the main focus. This is actually a natural continuation of the two focus items we have had in previous meetings:

  • Using REST and beyond REST
  • IoT Security

We will also use the opportunity of a nearly co-located OICOCF meeting to spend an afternoon together with OCF with the objective of mutually understanding and stimulating our respective work.

Tuesday morning/early afternoon talks

Presenter Title # minutes needed for talk and discussion Time #
Carsten Bormann Welcome, Agenda 10 10:00 00
Ari Keränen RESTful IoT Design 20 11:10 10
Matthias Kovatsch Semantic Interoperability Requires Self-describing Interaction Models 30 11:30 11
(lunch break) 12:40
Michael Koster Research Topics in Machine Hypermedia System Design 30 13:20 12
Carsten Bormann YANG, CoMI, COOL: Managing IoT in a mostly RESTful way 20 13:50 13
Qin Wu TBD (strawman proposal on Network Telemetry and Analysis) 20 14:50 16
Robert Cragie Introduction to ZCL and ZCL-over-IP 10 15:10 61

plugREST afternoon

Presenter Title Short description #
Carsten Bormann Lighting Controller Simple laptop-based lighting controller 21
Matthias Kovatsch Bulb, Controller, Visualizer Emulated light bulb, a CLI controller, a link visualizer 22
Michael Koster HATEOAS discovery and control of a connected light bulb 23
  • Pitches
  • Demos
  • Discussion

Remote Testing

  • [coap://]: Bulletin Board (by ETH)
    • Bulb
    • Light


Presenter Title # minutes needed for talk and discussion Time #
Hannes Tschofenig [draft-fossati-core-server-name-id]([draft-fossati-core-server-name-id]( 18:00 --
Carsten Bormann A model for device-manager delegation 18:30 51

Discussion time / breakouts

Subject Coordinator
Using REST, beyond REST Matthias Kovatsch
(dynamic) TBD
T2TRG input to the OCF Carsten Bormann

Tuesday evening meetup

19:30 at the Nemea Greek Taverna

Address: 96 South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113

Wednesday morning

Presenter Title # minutes needed for talk and discussion Time #
Soumya Kanti Datta Horizontal IoT Application Development using Semantics (canceled) 09:00 14
Robin Heydon Bluetooth GATT, GAP 90 09:00 62
John Strassner Semantic Interoperability Using Models, Ontologies, and DSLs 40 10:30 15

(to be planned based on Tuesday's progress)

Potential additional subjects:

  • LPWAN considerations

Joint Meeting with OCF

On Wednesday 16th, we will spend the lunch and afternoon in a joint meeting with OCF.

Presenter Title # minutes needed for talk and discussion
Carsten Bormann T2TRG overview 30 70
Daniel Park OCF from OIC 15 71
Ravi Subramaniam OIC Spec Overview 30 72
Dave Raggett W3C WoT Overview 30 73
Matthias Kovatsch W3C WoT IG Current Practices and Plugfests 30 74
Matthias Kovatsch OCF/IETF Alignment 15 + 20 75
... (specific subjects) 70

We need to keep some time for discussion on how to collaborate and align the efforts.

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