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Workshop on IoT Semantic/Hypermedia Interoperability: Agenda

When: July 15/16, 2017 (weekend before IETF99)

Where: Hilton Prague (IETF meeting hotel), room Berlin/Brussels. Pobřežní 1, Prague, Czech Republic.


Registration was by June 23rd. You can still register (please do), but at this time we may not have coffee or other goodies for late registrants. Registration and meeting is free of cost but we need to know number of participants for meeting logistics.

Workshop overview

Please have a look at:


Draft 0.3 of the Agenda:

Saturday 15th July


Paper submissions:

Time Presenter(s) Topic
9:00 Chairs Welcome & Introduction. T2TRG/IETF work.
9:30 Padmakumar Subramani OMA DM (LwM2M)
9:55 Jaime Jimenez IPSO Smart Objects
10:20 Milan Milenkovic IPSO Semantic Working Group
10:45 break
11:00 Michael Koster
11:25 Matthias Kovatsch W3C Web of Things
11:50 Dave Thaler Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF)
12:15 Tim Carey oneM2M
12:40 lunch
13:40 Teresa Zotti Fairhair Alliance
14:05 Milan Milenkovic Haystack
14:30 Alex Pelov YANG of Things
14:40 Chairs, all Discussion
15:00 break
15:20 Abdulkadir Karaagac Challenges for Semantic LWM2M Interoperability in Complex IoT Systems
15:45 Andreas Harth Rule-based Orchestration of Networked Components
16:10 Victor Charpenay WoT Thing Description
16:35 Michael Jacoby Approaches to Semantic Interoperability and Semantic Mapping
17:00 Milan Milenkovic Semantic Interop PoC
17:25 Klaus Hartke Hypermedia for Long-Term Semantic Interoperability
17:50 Chairs, all Breakout planning, plenary wrapup
18:10 Closing

Sunday 16th July

Breakout sessions 9:00-16:00

Time Leader(s) Topic
9:00 Chairs Sunday overview, planning
9:30 (multiple) Breakouts
11:00 coffee break
11:15 (multiple) Breakouts
12:45 lunch
13:45 (multiple) Breakouts
15:15 break
15:25 (many) Workshop reports, way forward
15:45 Chairs, all Plenary wrapup
16:00 Closing