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2017-09-berlin: T2TRG Berlin meeting

When: September 23/24, 2017 (weekend before RIOT Summit and ACM ICN, (*))

Where: FU Berlin, Takustr. 9, Berlin; room 006 (see below).

Remote participation: (Best-effort)

Real-time notes:


Please have a look at:

(*) please register for the colocated events separately if you want to go there as well)


Venue address:

    Freie Universität Berlin
    Computer Science
    Takustr. 9
    14195 Berlin, Germany

The computer science building no. 9 is not directly visible from access roads: offline CS campus map (click map to enlarge). Walk on one of the footpaths (faintly dotted on the map, e.g. from where the "14" is). T2TRG is located in building 9, room 006 (ground floor).


Assembling agenda now. If you want to give a talk or otherwise lead a slot, or want to run a breakout, please email the chairs.

Saturday September 23: Morning

Time Presenter(s) Topic
9:00 Chairs Welcome & Short Introduction. T2TRG/IETF work.
9:15 Chairs Status of RG documents
9:30 Klaus Hartke Updates for RESTful IoT
(all) Breakouts on completing current RG documents
12:00 lunch

Saturday September 23: Afternoon

Time Presenter(s) Topic
13:30 Chairs Welcome again, RG status
14:00 (TBD) Scheduled talks outside the subjects in bold face below
14:00 Dirk Kutscher Distributed Infrastructure: DINRG and T2TRG — towards cloudless IoT?
14:40 Klaus Hartke CoRAL: Self-Describing Interactions for Evolvable Internet of Things Systems
15:20 (break)
15:40 (all, TBD) Work on Semantics, Hypermedia (WISHI follow-on)
18:00 Closing

Evening: Dinner

Sunday September 24

Time Presenter(s) Topic
9:00 Chairs Welcome again
9:15 (all, TBD) Coexistence: What do we need to make many IoT networks coexist in physical and digital space?
9:40 Laura Marie Feeney A role for higher layer protocols in mitigating wireless interference
10:40 Pekka Nikander SOFIE: Securely and Openly Federating IoT systems
11:20 Christer Holmberg IoT NAT Traversal maintenance
12:00 Carsten Bormann SWORN: Secure Wakeup-on-Radio Nudging — DoS hardening for battery-operated Internet nodes
12:00 lunch
13:00 (all, TBD) RIOT OS and IETF protocols
13:05 Martine Lenders Compliance vs. interoperability: How compliant do we need to be to IEEE 802.15.4?
13:45 Martine Lenders RFC 6775 (6LoWPAN-ND): Lessons in Implementation Complexity. How much of that complexity is really needed?
14:25 Olaf Bergmann Constrained CoAP APIs
15:05 (break)
15:20 Carsten Bormann Slipmux: One UART to bind them all
16:00 Benjamin Smith (asymmetric crypto for constrained nodes)
16:40 (all) Discussion time (possibly breakouts)
17:45 (all) Wrapup
18:00 Closing


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