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2018-11-bangkok: T2TRG Bangkok work meeting

When: November 9, 2018 (IETF103 Friday), 9:00 - 13:20 ICT

Where: Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park Hotel (IETF103 meeting hotel), room Boromphimarn 4 (please watch sidemeetings for updates)

Remote participation: (Best-effort)

Real-time notes:

For latest updates, please have a look at:

For other T2TRG activites at IETF 103 see also WISHI Hackathon and T2TRG Summary meeting.


Assembling agenda now. If you want to give a talk or otherwise lead a slot, or want to run a breakout, please email the chairs.

Friday November 9: Overall agenda

Time Presenter(s) Topic
8:30 Chairs Welcome & Short Introduction. T2TRG/IETF work.
8:40 Various Plenary
Jungha Hong Problem Statement of IoT integrated with Edge Computing
Erik Nordmark Computing at the Edge
Thorsten Dahm Automated IoT Security
 Mohit Sethi Enabling Network Access for IoT devices from the Cloud
Additional security topics (if there's time; alternatively in security breakout):
John Mattsson CBOR certificates
Syed Muhammad Sajjad An Architecture for Collaborative Security and Proactive Defense against IoT Botnets
9:40 Breakout planning
9:50 Break for breakouts
10:00 Various Breakouts (see below)
12:00 Plenary (discussion, next steps)
Consolidating results from the breakouts
Consolidating results from the hypermedia discussions
13:20 meeting ends

Friday November 9: Breakouts

Time Leader(s) Where Topic
10:00–12:00 COIN people Boromphimarn 3 COIN proposed RG (separate meeting)
10:00–12:00 TBD Boromphimarn 4 Next steps in IoT security
10:00–12:00 TBD TBD TBD


Bangkok T2TRG work meeting (on IETF103 Friday)






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