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Summary meeting at IETF 101
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T2TRG Summary meeting at IETF 101

Currently scheduled on the IETF main agenda for Thursday, March 22, 2018, 15:50..17:50 GMT (UTC+00:00)




Draft agenda

Please contact chairs for any slot proposals.

Time Who Subject Docs
15:50 Chairs Intro, RG Status draft-irtf-t2trg-iot-seccons draft-irtf-t2trg-rest-iot-00
16:00 Michael Koster / Chairs Report from WISHI and Hackathon
16:20 Jan Jongboom, ARM Deep learning on microcontrollers
16:50 Soumya Kanti Datta, EURECOM Semantic Interoperability Testing - Current Trends and Future Outlook
17:15 Michał Król, UCL Secure Computations in Decentralized Environments
17:40 Chairs Meeting Planning, Wrapup OCF/W3C-WoT
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