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T2TRG / W3C WoT meeting in Singapore

We will have a joint T2TRG / W3C Web of Things (WoT) workshop on Friday, November 15th, in Singapore before the IETF week. We are planning to focus in the workshop on a few broad areas:

  • Self-Description, Semantics, and Internet standards; research with W3C Web of Things
  • One Data Model and semantic tools for Thing interoperability
  • Establishing the desirability of and enabling Thing-to-Thing connectivity

We plan to start the workshop with a couple of keynotes and then dive into technical topics driven by short presentations and related discussions. We hope to engage also with the local research community and invite in particular IoT researchers and practitioners from Singapore to join the workshop.

If you have a proposal for a presentation / technical topic, please send email to us now (, so we can make sure we have space on the agenda.


Detailed timing of the slots to be determined in the next few days.

Time Topic
09:00..09:10 Welcome, Logistics
09:15..09:35 Introduction to role of semantics for IoT (Carsten Bormann)
09:35..10:00 Keynote: W3C Web of Things (WoT) Status and Roadmap (Michael McCool)
10:00..10:20 — Break, Refreshments
10:20..10:40 Discussion
10:40..11:10 OneDM intro and goals, approach (Michael Koster)
11:00..12:00 OneDM status, process, formats, examples (Michael Koster)
12:00..13:00 — Lunch Break (lunch in room)
13:00..13:10 OneDM tools demo (Ari Keränen)
13:10..13:40 Data model versioning (Carsten Bormann)
13:40..14:20 Discussion (all)
14:20..14:40 — Break, Refreshments
Semantics-enabled Connectivity
14:40..15:10 How do we enable connectivity: bootstrapping authorization, deploying identities and ridding the world of passwords (Michael Richardson)
15:10..15:25 Configuring Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) from W3C WoT Thing Description (TD) (Matthias Kovatsch)
15:25..15:55 Manufacturer Usage Descriptions (MUDs) (Eliot Lear)
15:55..16:30 Thin ICE and semantics of connectivity candidate exchange (Christer Holmberg)
16:30 Wrap-up and close (all)


Live notes:

Location: Kent Ridge Guild House, National University of Singapore (NUS) [yes, they do have a dress code]

Room: Evans (2nd floor)

Time: 9:00 - 17:00, November 15th, 2019

Details for transport from IETF hotels:

  • By cab (e.g., local Uber equivalent "Grab"):
    • If three or four people share it won't be that much more than taking transit.
    • Allow 30–45 minutes (traffic may be heavy in the morning).
  • Public transit:
    • Get on the MRT Circle line (for a cicuitous route, at the Esplanade station near the Swissotel, or preferably, from City Hall station under the Swissotel using the East-West line and changing at Buona Vista station) and get off at Kent Ridge Station.
    • Take the free NUS shuttle bus leaving from nearby Bus Stop 3.
    • Take the A1 to get to the Guild House and the A2 to return.
    • Allow 1h.
    • It is not recommended to walk from the MRT to the Guild house. The map is misleading, the terrain is hilly and the MRT is surrounded by a large hospital without good walking connection to NUS. The area is unfortunately designed for cars.

Remote participation

WebEx: (or for short)

  • Call-in toll number (US/Canada): 1-650-479-3208
  • Meeting number (access code): 319 927 920
  • Meeting password: constrained


The workshop is free-of-charge to attend, but if you intend to join (locally or remotely), please register as soon as possible using the following form:


T2TRG / W3C WoT workshop






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