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package pulsar
import (
const (
OptionsAuthMethodAthenz = "athenz"
const (
OptionsCommandConsume = "consume"
OptionsCommandProduce = "produce"
type Options struct {
// common options
ServiceURLString *string `long:"serviceUrl" env:"PULSAR_SERVICE_URL" description:"pulsar service url"`
AuthMethod *string `long:"authMethod" env:"PULSAR_AUTH_METHOD" description:"authentication method"`
AuthParams *string `long:"authParams" env:"PULSAR_AUTH_PARAMS" description:"authentication params"`
UseTLS bool `long:"useTls" env:"USE_TLS" description:"use tls to connect"`
TLSAllowInsecureConnection bool `long:"tlsAllowInsecureConnection" env:"TLS_ALLOW_INSECURE_CONNECTION" description:"allow insecure tls connection"`
AthenzConf *string `long:"athenzConf" env:"PULSAR_ATHENZ_CONF" description:"path to athenz config file"`
AthenzAuthHeader *string `long:"athenzAuthHeader" env:"PULSAR_ATHENZ_AUTH_HEADER" description:"athenz authentication header"`
Conf *string `long:"conf" env:"PULSAR_CONF" description:"path to pulsar config file"`
Verbose bool `long:"verbose" env:"VERBOSE" description:"use verbose mode"`
Timeout *time.Duration `long:"timeout" env:"PULSAR_TIMEOUT" description:"timeout to communicate with pulsar broker"`
Command *string `long:"command" env:"PULSAR_COMMAND" description:"produce or consume"`
Topic string `long:"topic" env:"PULSAR_TOPIC" required:"true" description:"topic name"`
// for producer
Messages []string `long:"messages" env:"PULSAR_MESSAGES" description:"messages to produce"`
Properties []string `long:"properties" env:"PULSAR_PROPERTIES" description:"properties to produce. e.g) key1:value1,key2:value2"`
// for consumer
NumMessages int `long:"numMessages" env:"PULSAR_NUM_MESSAGES" default:"1" description:"number of messages to consume"`
SubscriptionName string `long:"subscriptionName" env:"PULSAR_SUBSCRIPTION_NAME" description:"subscription name"`
SubscriptionType string `long:"subscriptionType" env:"PULSAR_SUBSCRIPTION_TYPE" default:"exclusive" description:"subscription type: exclusive, shared, failover"`
// internal use
ServiceURL *url.URL
func InitOptions(opts *Options) (err error) {
if opts.ServiceURLString != nil {
var u *url.URL
u, err = url.Parse(*opts.ServiceURLString)
if err != nil {
err = errors.Wrap(err, "failed to parse url")
opts.ServiceURL = u
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