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TYPO3 CMS ditribution package to introduce Microtemplate and few other useful tools for small company, startup or an even web site.

Content Demo

System requirements

  • TYPO3 8.7 LTS


  • Microtemplate –
  • Meta Plus & RealURL for SEO
  • Pagelist – For articles and page teasers
  • Personnel – For contact persons with vCard
  • Youtubevideo – For easy to handle YouTube videos with cover images and titles
  • Unroll – For better usability save icons in back end
  • Example setup and content


  • Install TYPO3 8.7 LTS via composer
  • Add Micro-Distro: composer require t3brightside/microdistro
  • or Go to TYPO3 back end and install: Microtemplate Distribution (microdistro)
  • Open RealURL configuration in TYPO3 back end, save, clear caches and reload your page


  • Use template constant editor to customise colours etc.
  • To add custom logo, edit Home page Resources -> Media


Development and maintenance

Brightside OÜ – TYPO3 specialized web agency