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TYPO3 CMS template extension for one page sites with light box like sub pages.

System requirements

  • TYPO3
  • fluid_styled_content
  • containeritems


  • Can be installed in multi domain setup or just for a sub page
  • Configurable color schemes
  • Automatic menu of section titles
  • Automatic language menu
  • Content columns & accordions
  • Section background (colour, image with effects, video)
  • Section scroll in effect
  • Dark mode support
  • No third party media to be GDPR friendly


  • composer req t3brightside/microtemplate or from TYPO3 extension repository microtemplate
  • Include static templates in that order: fluid_styled_content, advancedpagetitle, personnel, pagelist, youtubevideo, etc, containeritems section, microtemplate scripts, microtemplate
  • Use TypoScript constant editor for customisation
  • Edit home page to set 'Resources -> Include Page TSConfig -> Microtemplate – Main' and save
  • Edit home page to set 'Appearance -> Page layout -> Backend layout (this page only) -> Home' and 'Appearance -> Page layout (subpages of this page) -> Backend layout -> Sub'


  • To exclude content section from main menu uncheck 'Appearance -> Show in Section Menus' in section settings.


  • To alter back end settings see: Configuration/TypoScript/PageTS/setup.ts


These extensions are preconfigured and tested in Microtemplate package.


Development and maintenance

Brightside OÜ – TYPO3 development and hosting specialised web agency