A big update of Tom Igoe's fork of Alexander Brevig's Button library for Arduino. Check out the Readme for all the details!
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New & Improved Arduino Button Library

by Ted Hayes, from code originally by Alexander Brevig & Tom Igoe

The Arduino Button library makes it easy to do some very common but rather tedious tasks. Usually when you interact with a button (such as a momentary switch), you mainly want to detect the state change, not just the current state. You have to do something like:

int lastState = 0;

void loop(){
	int currentState = digitalRead(11);
	if(currentState != lastState){
		// do something
	lastState = currentState;

It's not hard, just tedious. This new and improved Button library makes this much simpler but adds so much more. Now you can do it this way:

Button button = Button(12);

void onPress(Button& b){
	Serial.print("onPress: ");
	// will print out "onPress: 12"

void setup(){
  // Assign callback function

void loop(){
  // update the buttons' internals


  • Instance-based design

    Button myButton(11);

  • Automatic pull-up setting

    Button myButton(11, BUTTON_PULLUP_INTERNAL);

  • Simplified state-change detection:

    if(button.isPressed()) ...

  • Callback model


  • Built-in debouncing

    // Sets 50ms debounce duration

    Button button = Button(12, BUTTON_PULLUP_INTERNAL, true, 50);


To install, download the library, extract it to ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries and rename the folder "Button." (Github generates a different name for the zip link.) Restart Arduino if it was already open.

I hope you find this useful! Please report any bugs using the Github issue tracker.