the linearchaos visual performance systems (built with touchdesigner)
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Linearchaos is a series of visual performance systems, built with TouchDesigner. It has gone through several iterations:

  • SomeStuff is the original, which grew out of my first experiments with TouchDesigner.
  • LinearChaos (aka "LinearChaos A") is the first real iteration of the system
  • LinearChaos B was started when I ported LinearChaos from TouchDesigner v077 to the v088 beta. It then expanded and changed in a number of new directions.
  • prototype and LinearChaosController were part of a tangent that I went on for a while related to MIDI control processing. Most of it got merged into LinearChaosB and subsequently abandoned.
  • LinearChaos C is the latest iteration which really should have been named something else because it was completely rewritten. It has a totally different rendering system with different geometries and processing. Basically the only things that it inherited from the earlier iterations are its internal structure and control systems.


updates, images, videos, etc: