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vjzual3 is a modular video processing system built with TouchDesigner](

The application consists of:

  • A tree of modules, where a module is a video effect, a generative renderer, a video input source, grouping of other modules, etc.
  • Shared infrastructure that supports features such as MIDI mapping, loading/saving state, output recording.


A module is a component consisting of:

  • A common Python extension class (or sub-class thereof).
  • A module shell subcomponent, which
    • provides common UI elements such as a collapsible header with bypass/solo/etc toggles
    • stores settings for the module such as which parameters to load/save and whether it has any viewers or advanced parameters.
  • Optional control mappings component, which supports MIDI mappings (not yet implemented)
  • Optional presets component, which loads/saves a set of named configurations (not yet implemented)
  • Optional audio/video inputs/outputs
  • Optional group or chain of submodules
  • Optional UI controls bound to its parameters
  • Optional data nodes (see below)

Most modules are loaded as .tox files into a common location and then cloned. Some modules are defined in-place (instead of being cloned), such as groupings/chains of other modules or modules that are too specific to be useful as a reusable component.

data nodes and selectors

While simple modules can use a single audio/video input and output, some modules need to use multiple sources of audio/video. For example, a displacement module needs a secondary source of video used to distort the main input. To support this, the data node system provides a centralized list of data nodes (a/v sources) located in the various modules in an application. The data selector component provides a UI for selecting from this list of sources and retrieving the associated a/v stream, along with a viewer that shows the content of the stream. A data node is defined by a clone of the data node component, which has a globally unique ID and is associated with a video source (TOP) and/or audio source (CHOP).


vjzual3 is a modular video processing system for VJ performances




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