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This repository contains solutions to almost all problems I have solved on SPOJ. They're intended as a last resort in case you've tried very hard to solve a problem but you just haven't been able to figure it out. When I was trying to solve GSS2, I mostly found vague hints on online forums, which weren't helpful. I wasn't able to solve the problem until after I looked at some code. So obviously the code helps, and there can be good reasons to just look at code rather than being stuck indefinitely.

Some of the files in this repository differ from my submitted solutions in relatively trivial ways, such as the removal of commented-out code or #ifdef'd code for an archaic compiler I used to use (Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0). However, I suspect some of them simply don't work because either they contained errors that I corrected while away from home (so the changes were not saved locally) or I made modifications locally that turned out to give incorrect solutions and forgot to revert to the older versions. If you discover an incorrect solution, please leave a comment so I can fix it!

The copyright notice (LICENSE) applies to all code except for a few algorithms copied from the Stanford ACM team notebook, which are indicated as such. There is technically no license for that code that I'm aware of, but it's unlikely you'll get into any trouble for using it or redistributing it freely. A recent version of the Stanford ACM team notebook can be found here.

There is a comment at the beginning of each file that gives the date on which the solution was submitted. Caution: Many of the older solutions have bad coding style and poor mastery of C++.

For a few problems I have multiple solutions, usually because after my first successful submission I discovered there was a much better way to solve the problem. Those are indicated as e.g. niceday-1.cpp and niceday-2.cpp. There is no possible ambiguity as SPOJ problem names aren't allowed to contain dashes (as far as I know, anyway).