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Extensible Python IRC bot for moderating Mafia/Werewolves games
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README - kevinbot v0.9
This is an open beta of kevinbot, an bot for moderating the game of "Mafia" or
"Werewolves" over IRC. It has not been thoroughly tested. It does not support
TLS/SSL (for a workaround, consider stunnel). It also does not adhere to sound
principles of Python programming or object-oriented design. Furthermore, it
probably does not work on Python 3. These things are left for v1.0 :)

Right now the main bot does not provide any API for adding custom roles. This
is planned for v2.0.

kevinbot uses the MIT-licensed oyoyo IRC library. A copy of this library is
included with kevinbot.

For help, see

-- Brian Bi (t3nsor)
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