A client library in go for mega.co.nz storage service
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A client library in go for mega.co.nz storage service.

An implementation of command-line utility can be found at https://github.com/t3rm1n4l/megacmd

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What can i do with this library?

This is an API client library for MEGA storage service. Currently, the library supports the basic APIs and operations as follows:

  • User login
  • Fetch filesystem tree
  • Upload file
  • Download file
  • Create directory
  • Move file or directory
  • Rename file or directory
  • Delete file or directory
  • Parallel split download and upload
  • Filesystem events auto sync
  • Unit tests

API methods

Please find full doc at http://godoc.org/github.com/t3rm1n4l/go-mega


export MEGA_USER=<user_email>
export MEGA_PASSWD=<user_passwd>
$ make test
go test -v
=== RUN TestLogin
--- PASS: TestLogin (1.90 seconds)
=== RUN TestGetUser
--- PASS: TestGetUser (1.65 seconds)
=== RUN TestUploadDownload
--- PASS: TestUploadDownload (12.28 seconds)
=== RUN TestMove
--- PASS: TestMove (9.31 seconds)
=== RUN TestRename
--- PASS: TestRename (9.16 seconds)
=== RUN TestDelete
--- PASS: TestDelete (3.87 seconds)
=== RUN TestCreateDir
--- PASS: TestCreateDir (2.34 seconds)
=== RUN TestConfig
--- PASS: TestConfig (0.01 seconds)
=== RUN TestPathLookup
--- PASS: TestPathLookup (8.54 seconds)
=== RUN TestEventNotify
--- PASS: TestEventNotify (19.65 seconds)
ok  github.com/t3rm1n4l/go-mega68.745s


  • Implement APIs for public download url generation
  • Implement download from public url
  • Add shared user content management APIs
  • Add contact list management APIs