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This Docker Container was crafted for easy Bluemix deployment, it is based on and is configurable the same way.

The files for this container can be found at my GitHub repo

How to use this image

Pull Image Locally

docker pull t4skforce/syncthing-relay-discovery-bluemix:latest

Push Image Remotely

docker tag t4skforce/syncthing-relay-discovery-bluemix:latest<repository>/syncthing-relay-discovery-bluemix:latest

docker push<repository>/syncthing-relay-discovery-bluemix:latest

Setup Bluemix Container

  1. Open Bluemix dashboard
  2. Open Containers
  3. Create Container
  4. Select "syncthing-relay-discovery-bluemix"
  5. Setup Public IP
  6. Setup Volume to path: /home/syncthing/certs

Upload local certificates to volume

bluemix ic cp ./cert.pem <containerid>:/home/syncthing/certs

bluemix ic cp ./key.pem <containerid>:/home/syncthing/certs