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Simple HTTP Basic Authentication Web Server
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Simple HTTP Basic Authentication Web Server.

Provides a simple web server that acts as an authentication server, mostly for development purposes. This is the Go version. There is also a Python version.

To avoid re-implementation of user authentication based on user/password scheme, application could delegate this to a web server using HTTP Basic Authentication. This abstracts away authentications details. Application just need an appropriate URI to configure authentication.

This simple web server is for development purposes. It provides a web server that authenticates all access to any ressource (identified by a path):

  • If there is no user name and password given, it returns 401 (Authentication required).
  • If there is a given user name an password and the user name does not start with a x, it returns 200 (OK).
  • Otherwise it returns 403 (Forbidden).

The server listens on port 9876. This can changed by using the -p command line parameter, eg. ./go-auth-s -p 1234 for listening on port 1234.

My students are encouraged to use the server. A simple motivation is given by my blog post HTTP Basic Auth als Infrastruktur zur Authentifizierung (in german).

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