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(Thanks NSA Name-O-Matic for the name)



  1. Install homebrew
  2. In your terminal, run brew install tesseract
  3. Build Go project or download a release
  4. Copy the configuration found in the Config section and place it in ~/.AIRMASTER.json

How to use

Listing domain names

A good way to get a domain list is registering for ExpiredDomains and using the Export .COM feature.

If you want to get a domain with specific keywords, you can use the keywords feature. This will take a bit longer and have less results, but it can still work extremely well.

  1. With a domain list file

AIRMASTER list --file ./path/to/file.txt

  1. With keywords

AIRMASTER list --keyword max --keyword cool

If multiple keywords are specified, they are combined by AND, so in the example above, you will get,,

Purchasing domain names

Purchasing domain names uses the domains found by listing domains (see above) and adds an extra step to allow you to purchase the domain name. This is very simple: just add the --purchase flag to the end of a list command


AIRMASTER list --file ./path/to/file.txt --purchase

max@seldon ~> AIRMASTER list --file ~/Downloads/domains_2017-08-01_16_07_03.txt --purchase
Using config file: /Users/max/.AIRMASTER.json
Found available domain (Phishing)
-1. Do not purchase
0. Purchase with GoDaddy for $7490000
Choose an option: 0

Another way to purchase domains is actually to use output from the list command. This is useful if you want to leave AIRMASTER alone for a while while you grab a coffee, or while you're reading documentation on Windows Me because your target is using that for some reason.

AIRMASTER list --file ~/Downloads/domains.txt > /tmp/available

*20 minuites later* - Edit list from /tmp/available as you'd like to

AIRMASTER purchase --list /tmp/available

The help should be obvious, so if you are stuck, try using AIRMASTER --help. (Although if you are still stuck, please create an issue)


You can access the configuration by editing the ~/.AIRMASTER.json file.

The options are:

  • (*) user - Used for whois data
    • first - Your first name
    • middle - Your middle name
    • last - Your last name
    • organization - Organization that you belong to
    • title - Title at organization
    • email - Email for contact
    • phone - Phone number (format: +[country_code].XXXXXXXXXX. Ex: +1.9999999999)
    • fax - Fax number
    • address
    • city
    • postal
    • country_code - ISO "Alpha 2 Code"
  • godaddy - Godaddy configuration
    • godaddyKey
    • godaddySecret
  • namecheap - Namecheap configuration (Not built yet!)
    • namecheapUser
    • namecheapKey
    • namecheapUsername
  • file - Sets location for file to check domains from
  • keyword - Set keywords

(*) is required

Example Config

Before anyone freaks out, the API key is a test key taken from the GoDaddy docs

    "godaddyKey": "UzQxLikm_46KxDFnbjN7cQjmw6wocia",
    "godaddySecret": "46L26ydpkwMaKZV6uVdDWe",
    "first": "Max",
    "last": "Harley",
    "organization": "Max Co.",
    "title": "CEO",
    "email": "",
    "phone": "+1.9999999",
    "address": "1 Awesome Dr.",
    "city": "Charleston",
    "state": "SC",
    "postal": "2946X",
    "country_code": "US"


Use and BlueCoat to find useful domains for red team.





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