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Execute Vim Mode Plus: Clip Debug Info(which write info to clipboard) then paste here.

Read and check all "Checklist" below.


You have to check all before open issue.

  • Provide your environment info clipped by Vim Mode Plus: Clip Debug Info command.
  • Try with latest Atom and latest vim-mode-plus.
  • Pick a descriptive and non-ambiguous subject
  • Express "what" you want(feature? config option?, behavior change?) in short sentence(not long!).
  • Contrast current behavior if you want to change current behavior, with sample text, operation(keystroke) and result.
  • Include real use case so that maintainer can understand "why" you need help.
  • Include Atom(atom --version), vim-mode-plus version, and OS version(e.g. macOS Sierra 10.12.3).
  • If keybinding issue, Read this.