change MacVim's window transparency with shortcut
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Change MacVim's window transparency throgh keymap. To use transparency, enable 'CoreText’ rendering feature on configuration preference.




See Help

config example

This plugin don't set default keymap. Need to configure explicitly in your .vimrc.

let g:macvim_transparency_step = 10
let g:macvim_transparency_roller = [0, 50, 100]

" transparent
nmap <D-Up>   <Plug>(macvim-transparency-inc)
" opaque
nmap <D-Down> <Plug>(macvim-transparency-dec)
" roll from 
nmap <F10>    <Plug>(macvim-transparency-roll)

imap <D-Up>   <Plug>(macvim-transparency-inc)
imap <D-Down> <Plug>(macvim-transparency-dec)
imap <F10>    <Plug>(macvim-transparency-roll)

xmap <D-Up>   <Plug>(macvim-transparency-inc)
xmap <D-Down> <Plug>(macvim-transparency-dec)
xmap <F10>    <Plug>(macvim-transparency-roll)