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*quickhl.txt* Quickly highlight multiple pattern.
.oooooo. o8o oooo oooo oooo ~
d8P' `Y8b `"' `888 `888 `888 ~
888 888 oooo oooo oooo .ooooo. 888 oooo 888 .oo. 888 ~
888 888 `888 `888 `888 d88' `"Y8 888 .8P' 888P"Y88b 888
888 888 888 888 888 888 888888. 888 888 888 >
`88b d88b 888 888 888 888 .o8 888 `88b. 888 888 888
`Y8bood8P'Ybd'`V88V"V8P'o888o`Y8bod8P'o888o o888oo888o o888oo888o
Version: 1.0
Author : t9md <>
GitHub :
CONTENTS *quickhl-contents*
Introduction |quickhl-introduction|
Mapping |quickhl-mapping|
Commands |quickhl-commands|
Variables |quickhl-variables|
Configuration Examples |quickhl-examples|
Use Case |quickhl-usecase|
Practice |quickhl-practice|
Bug |quickhl-bug|
Changelog |quickhl-changelog|
INTRODUCTION *quickhl-introduction*
MAPPINGS *quickhl-mappings*
n <Plug>(quickhl-manual-this)
Highlight |<cword>|.
n <Plug>(quickhl-manual-this-whole-word)
Highlight |<cword>|, respect word boundaries.
v <Plug>(quickhl-manual-this)
Highlight selected text.
n <Plug>(quickhl-manual-reset)
v <Plug>(quickhl-manual-reset)
Clear all manually added highlight
n <Plug>(quickhl-manual-clear)
v <Plug>(quickhl-manual-clear)
Clear the manually added highlight under current cursor.
n <Plug>(quickhl-manual-toggle)
v <Plug>(quickhl-manual-toggle)
Toggle global lock
n <Plug>(quickhl-cword-toggle)
n <Plug>(quickhl-cword-enable)
n <Plug>(quickhl-cword-disable)
Highlight |<cword>| with |:2match|
n <Plug>(quickhl-tag-enable)
n <Plug>(quickhl-tag-disable)
n <Plug>(quickhl-tag-toggle)
Highlight jumpable 'tag'
oxn <Plug>(operator-quickhl-manual-this-motion)
Highlight area you {motion}ed.
To use this feature, you must install 'vim-operator-user' plugin.
And if you use this, you may not need <Plug>(quickhl-manual-this).
COMMANDS *quickhl-commands*
*:QuickhlManualEnable* Enable.
*:QuickhlManualDisable* Disable.
*:QuickhlManualAdd* {pattern} Add {pattern} with meta string escaped.
*:QuickhlManualAdd!* {pattern} Add {pattern} as-is, means you can use |regexp|.
*:QuickhlManualDelete* {pattern} Delete {pattern} with escaped.
*:QuickhlManualDelete!* {pattern} Delete {pattern} as-is.
*:QuickhlManualReset* Reset all keywords except static ones.
*:QuickhlManualList* Show list of keyword with color.
*:QuickhlManualColors* Show color list.
*:QuickhlManualLock* Disable highlight temporarily.
*:QuickhlManualUnlock* Unlock.
*:QuickhlManualLockToggle* Toggle global lock.
*:QuickhlManualLockWindow* Lock version of current window.
*:QuickhlManualUnlockWindow* Unlock current window.
*:QuickhlManualLockWindowToggle* Toggle window lock.
*:QuickhlCwordEnable* Enable highlighting <cword> (updated on |CursorMoved|).
*:QuickhlCwordDisable* Disable.
*:QuickhlCwordToggle* Toggle.
*:QuickhlTagEnable* Enable highlighting of jumpable |tag|s.
*:QuickhlTagDisable* Disable.
*:QuickhlTagToggle* Toggle.
VARIABLES *quickhl-variables*
[ manual ]~
Default: 0
Default: 10
These priority value is used when highlight with |matchadd()|.
The bigger value overwite lower prioritized highlight.
Default: 13 colors defined. see 'plugin/quickhl.vim' for detail.
|List| of color's definition used to quick-highlight.
see |quickhl-examples|.
You can add as many colors as you want.
If you want to highlight 20 keyword at a time, you need to set 20
variation of color in this |List|.
Default: []
|List| of keyword always highlighted.
'keyword' could be specified as sequence of |String| or |Dictionary|.
{ "pattern": 'KEYWORD', "regexp": 1 }
"regexp" is optional, if you set it to 1, the KEYWORD you sepcified
will not escaped, so it's useful you want to add 'regexp' keyword.
[ tag ]~
Default: 0
Default: 9
See |g:quickhl_manual_hl_priority|.
Default: 'QuickhlTag gui=underline cterm=underline term=underline'
[NOTE] Don't change 'QuickhlTag'
Passed to |:highlight|. Set this if you want change default highlight.
Default: 4
specify minimum length of tag to highlight.
tag shorter than this value would not be highlighted.
[ cword ]~
Default: 0
Default: 'link QuickhlCword Search'
[NOTE] Don't change 'QuickhlCword'
Passed to |:highlight|. Set this if you want change default highlight.
CONFIGURATION EXAMPLE *quickhl-examples*
set in your '.vimrc'
nmap <Space>m <Plug>(quickhl-manual-this)
xmap <Space>m <Plug>(quickhl-manual-this)
nmap <F9> <Plug>(quickhl-manual-toggle)
xmap <F9> <Plug>(quickhl-manual-toggle)
nmap <Space>M <Plug>(quickhl-manual-reset)
xmap <Space>M <Plug>(quickhl-manual-reset)
nmap <Space>j <Plug>(quickhl-cword-toggle)
nmap <Space>] <Plug>(quickhl-tag-toggle)
map H <Plug>(operator-quickhl-manual-this-motion)
Want to change default color?
let g:quickhl_manual_colors = [
\ "gui=bold ctermfg=16 ctermbg=153 guifg=#ffffff guibg=#0a7383",
\ "gui=bold ctermfg=7 ctermbg=1 guibg=#a07040 guifg=#ffffff",
\ "gui=bold ctermfg=7 ctermbg=2 guibg=#4070a0 guifg=#ffffff",
\ "gui=bold ctermfg=7 ctermbg=3 guibg=#40a070 guifg=#ffffff",
\ ]
Add keyword which is always highlighted.
let g:quickhl_manual_keywords._ = [
\ "finish",
\ {"pattern": '\s\+$', "regexp": 1 },
\ {"pattern": '\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}', "regexp": 1 },
\ ]
CHANGELOG *quickhl-changelog*
- add g:quickhl_tag_minimum_identifier(default: 4) to avoid short tag
make mess on the window.
- add operator
Originally created by 'rbtnn'. Thanks 'rbtnn'!!
2013-10-06: v0.9
- introduce tag highlight and a lot of refactoring.
- bugfix duplicate keyword added when TabEnter or ColorScheme event.
2011-09-01: v0.5
- support regexp pattern
- extend command :QuickhlDel could delete by index
- extend g:quickhl_keywords to support regexp pattern.
2011-08-21: v0.4
- fix compatibility issue for pre v7.2
2011-08-18: v0.3
- add new command :QuickhlLock and :QuichlUnlock.
2011-08-17: v0.2
- completely re-writen to use |match()| other than |:syntax|.
2011-06-21: v0.1
- initial version