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First of all

Specially thanks to Lokaltog who created great vim-easymotion. Without his former work, I don't think I could create smalls from scratch.

What is this?

Yet another cursor movement plugin. Search and jump with easymotion style.


  • jump directly with easymotion style.
  • support all, forward, backward direction. but 'all' is always best I believe.
  • skip fold.
  • work for normal, operator, visual mode.
  • highlight selected area in operator and visual mode, it helps you know area to be deleted or yanked.
  • move around candidate with hkjl(excursion-mode)
  • full customizable keybinding in excursion-mode and cli-mode
  • auto-show-up easymotion style jump key at specified timeout.
  • auto-show-up timeout wouldn't be triggered until it exceed specified type length.
  • color customizable.
  • always ignore case for jump key(easy to type).



Configuration example

" map normal-mode 's' for simple search
nmap s <Plug>(smalls)
" if you want to use smalls in visual/operator or both mode.
omap s <Plug>(smalls)
xmap s <Plug>(smalls)

" [NOTE] optionally it might be comfortable if you enable 'smartcase'
" comment-in following line if you want to.
" set ignorecase smartcase

Related work

If you don't like this plugin? It's ok, there are a lot of plugins like bellow.