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Introducing focusing mode (v2.2 release)

The idea

Recently I was reading the book Getting Things Done by David Allen in order to be more efficient on my work. One impressive point this book addressed out is to focusing on "next action" instead of thinking about many stuff at the same time. After you have collected all the tasks you need to do and ordered them in your todo list. The next thing you should do is to focusing one "next action" instead of worrying other tasks. In this way, you become more focused; more efficient; and feel less stress.

The major feature

I add a new feature to tomato-pie: to blur other todos when you are doing a tomato about certain todo.

In most circumstance, After you start a tomato of a todo. You should close the tomato-pie tab and focusing on your work. But some times, when you return back to check what you are doing, you might got disrupted by other todos listed around it. By blur other todos, it helps user to be more focused on current task.

Other updates

  • add a new feedback channel (
  • fix a bug: after tomato is done, tomato color and clock style is not right if user do not refresh the page

"Next action" of tomato-pie

The next feature I want to implement is to support more than one todo list, stay tuned!


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