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A new UI for Pomodoro Technique. Schedule your time directly with a clock.
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Join us

Tomato Pie

A new UI for Pomodoro Technique. Peek into your working status with ease.


From Chrome Web Store or manually

Recent updates


  • start new pomodoro from TODO list
  • red part: 25 minutes for one tomato
  • green part: 5 minutes for rest
  • show tomatoes of last 12 hours on clock
  • view tomato history on calendar
  • override default page for new tab
  • indicate time on the extension icon
  • get notifications when a tomato is finished


Editing Todo list

Doing Pomodoro


  1. npm i
  2. npm start
  3. Navigate to chrome://extensions/
  4. Click the load unpacked button and load dist folder


store ==> render function ==> view =update=> store

Build and publish

# update verision in src/manifest.json
npm run build
# zip dist file and upload to chrome webstore


Similar tools

Tech notes

  • Make background.js always running ref:
    1. inmanifest.json, add background in permission key
    2. in manifest.json, don't add persistence: false in background key
  • clock animation:


  • Layla and Joshua for meaningful discussions
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