Faster, simpler Django content management
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Faster, simpler django content management.


###Install via pip:

pip install django-tango

Or, if you want the very latest version from GitHub:

pip install git+

If you're installing in a fresh, brand-new virtualenvironment -- and you are using a virtualenvironment, right? -- then you'll see a lot of stuff fly by. Don't worry, that's just the dependencies. If your environment already has the usual stuff installed (Django, PIL, etc), then you'll speed through the Tango install.

For more info, see the "Dependencies" section.

###For a new project, run the Tango Starter Kit: startproject --template= test_project

Note: test_project should (of course) be changed to the name of your project

What then?

If you used the starter project, a basic test database was included. Just run runserver and you'll have a working site. You can log into the admin with username:admin, password:test. Obviously, you'll want to change that right away.

If not, you'll want to run syncdb or South.

Then start adding content. That's it.

Before you go live

Before the site is ready to go live, you'll want to change some settings and hook up a real database, of course. Before users can register and sign in, you'll also need to configure user registration and authentication. We like django-allauth, but have also used and liked django-registration.

So what batteries are included?

  • News/articles/blogs
  • Photo galleries
  • Sophisticated contact and user submissions forms courtesy of Tango Contact Manager
  • Video integration with Youtube, Hulu and uStream
  • Robust event calendars and management with Tango Happenings
  • Autotagging articles for automatic creation of links from key phrases and cross-linking between apps
  • A straighforward user profile model (that you're welcome to ignore if you have your own)
  • An updated, responsive admin theme.
  • Capo, a simple SASS-based framework for quickly styling your site.

What else?

  • Clear, easy-to-understand code.
  • Plug and play. Whether you want a new site in minutes or just want an app, you're covered.
  • Full multi-site support.
  • Tango doesn't take over your project. It works with your other code.
  • Don't want all of it? You can get just the pieces you want, and throw out the pieces you don't want.

##Dependencies (these should be installed for you) Django 1.5.1 + PIL or Pillow (Your choice) Easy-Thumbnails Markdown & Typogrify for nice text formatting django-filter vobject Python-Twitter (if you want to auto-tweet news items)