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tModLoader, a Terraria modding API Build Status Discord

tModLoader (TML) is an open-source, community-driven, modification and expansion of the Terraria game that makes it possible to make and play mods. TML expands your Terraria adventures with new content to explore created by the Terraria community! TML allows players to create and play Terraria mods and is designed in such a way so that you can play alone or together with friends, with one mod or with multiple mods: choose to play however you like! It is however required that all your friends also install TML if you want to play together; it is not possible for vanilla users to play with TML users. Find the instructions below to learn how to install TML.

Note: the code on this GitHub repository will be ahead of the current released version.


Want to play or create mods? Or do you want to contribute to tModLoader perhaps? Click the text that applies to you.

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Support us

First and foremost, TML is largely a community endavour: built by the community; used by the community. Without all the contributions people in the community have made over the years, TML would not be in the state it is in. TML is a free-to-use modification of the game, and will stay that way. However, if you would like to buy us a coffee, or maybe even multiple, you can choose to pledge some money to support us financially. We'd like to kindly express once again that TML was not created with the purpose of creating a profit. All of the core team members continue their best efforts to improve and maintain TML despite their real life obligations, free of charge or any request from the community.

The preferred method of supporting the core team is by choosing a pledge through Patreon. All of the money donated this way is equally shared amongst the core members to those who wish to receive part of it. This truly is the right way to support us financially if you want to do so. By becoming a patron you can receive a special role on our Discord server, if desired. You should be able to couple your Discord account to your Patreon account and automatically receive your role.

If you do not want to use a Patreon subscription, it is best that you contact one of the core team members through the Discord server to find an appropriate method of supporting us. Thanks again!

Get in touch

If you would like to contact us or TML users, it's best to join our Discord server. To use Discord you will need to register a new account on their website.


Core team

TML is largely created and maintained by a core team of contributors: Blushiemagic, Chicken-Bones, Jopojelly and Jofairden

This project exists in its current state thanks to all the people who have contributed:


TML is licensed under the MIT license