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I don't want to contribute to tModLoader, I want to play mods

I don't want to contribute to tModLoader, I want to create mods

Welcome to the tModLoader wiki!

This place serves as a center for guides related to tModLoader. These guides help to teach basic concepts regarding tModLoader modding and should prove as a useful resource to modders. Please feel free to contribute guides for topics not yet covered, but please refrain from editing well established guides without consulting the developers first.

The automatically generated documentation documents classes and members of Terraria and the tModLoader API. It can be consulted to learn about specific methods and fields, but modders should start with the learning resources on this wiki and in ExampleMod. The documentation has separate pages corresponding to the various available versions of tModLoader.

You can navigate through the pages through the links in one of the sidebars on the right.

If you have suggestions, tips, or have found things such as spelling errors or grammar mistakes, please notify us in our discord server, the forum thread or open an issue thread to suggest a change.

A list of useful resources can be found here.

Below is a structured list of wiki pages that you can use to learn more about the API.

If you wish to contribute, please view our contribution guide beforehand.

Informative pages

These pages tend to describe certain files or folders.

Getting started


These pages aim to aid you to learn how to develop mods properly, how to setup your developing environment, etc.

Easy guides

These guides are easy and should be used if you are new to the tModLoader API. Their goal is to get you familiar with tModLoader and help you learn how to make various types of content.

Intermediate guides

The following guides are more advanced than the easy ones, but not advanced or expert level.

Advanced guides

The following guides are considered advanced, and should only be attempted if the intermediate level is mastered.

Expert guides

Expert-level guides are not necessarily harder than advanced guides, but they more often cover a particular (difficult) subject. Expert guides should be followed if you are interested in learning about complicated topics or improving your mod's quality.

Vanilla References

Guides / Value References / Changes

IDs / Names

Class Documentation

Other pages

These are pages that we have so far failed to categorize or simply do not belong in one.

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