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sublime package - quick file navigation
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Its package from Sublime text 3 for quick navigation by file of project.


  • Get package
    • Install via Package Control by name QNav
    • OR Copy this repository into the Sublime Text 3 "Packages" directory.
  • Add keymaps for the commands


For clear path (or any constant path): { "keys": ["ctrl+shift+o"], "command": "qnav", "args": { "path": "" } }

For last path: { "keys": ["ctrl+alt+o"], "command": "qnav", "args": {} }


Trigger input field and enter first letter of folder name where you want go.

For open file you must input letters of path and press Enter.

For add file or folder you can write :afolder_name after your path.

For remove file or foldre you can write :r after you path.

For find in files file or foldre you can write :f after you path.


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