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Welcome to Taarifa!

Welcome to Taarifa, a fork of Ushahidi that was hacked in London at the London Water Hackathon 2011. The project currently only works in Tanzania; but there are plans afoot to make it world-wide compatible. This is designed to enhance the reports system provided by Ushahidi to enable sanitation complaints to be better managed. The main focus was the administrative dashboard, as providing that provides more incentives for governments to take it on board.


All the docs and how-to can be found at the User Documentation page.


The contributors are:

  • Daniel Fligg
  • Simon Funke
  • Caroline Glassberg-Powell
  • Dirk Gorissen
  • Mark Iliffe
  • Wai Kien
  • Cath O'Connell
  • Wystan Palm
  • Farhan Rehman
  • Florian Rathgeber
  • Giuseppe Sollazzo
  • Nico Weinert
  • David Nellessen