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Node-Neo4j Template

This is a template app showing the use of Neo4j from Node.js. It uses the node-neo4j library, available on npm as neo4j.

The app is a simple social network manager: it lets you add and remove users and "follows" relationships between them.

This app supports deploying to Heroku, and a demo is in fact running live at

So try it out, browse the code, and fork this project to get a head start on creating your own Node-Neo4j app. Enjoy!


# Install the required dependencies
npm install

# Install a local Neo4j instance
curl "" --O "db-unix.tar.gz"
tar -zxvf db-unix.tar.gz 2> /dev/null
rm db-unix.tar.gz


# Start the local Neo4j instance
neo4j-community-1.6/bin/neo4j start

# Run the app!
npm start

The app will now be accessible at http://localhost:3000/.

The UI is admittedly quite crappy, but hopefully it shows the functionality. (Anyway, this project is really about the code! =P)


  • MIT license.
  • Questions/comments/etc. are welcome.
  • As an exercise, I built this without using CoffeeScript or Streamline. What a gigantic pain! Never again. =P