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@taarskog taarskog released this Oct 23, 2018

[NEW] Set custom filter prior to embedding
Applying filters can now be performed before the actual embedding takes place.

A new parameter named filterFn has been introduced. Similar to customFn the filterFn is a reference to a function. This function must return an array of filters to apply to the embedded report/visual. It is called once prior to loading the report/visual.

This solves the issue reported in #42 that applying filters is not possible when embedding single visuals introduced in v.1.1.

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@taarskog taarskog released this Jul 17, 2018

[NEW] Single report visual
It is now possible to show a single report visual (effectively hiding all other visuals on the report).

The view configuration is similar to report but in addition to the page name you are required to add the name of the visual. Finding that name is cumbersome. To help, this release will log names of all visuals to the console when you open them in preview (from the solution configuration page).

As seen below, type needs to be changed to visual and a new parameter visualName must be set to the name of the visual (as found in the console log).


[FIX] 401 Unauthorized
Groups without shared reports/dashboards results in a 401 Unauthorized from the API when listing data in the configuration page. These are now ignored (logged as warnings).

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@taarskog taarskog released this Feb 16, 2018

[FIX] Updated to new Power BI configuration for tiles. Which solves the message "This content isn't available" when displaying tiles.

And finally bumped version to 1.0.

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@taarskog taarskog released this Jun 30, 2017

This is a complete rewrite of the code that adds a lot of new capabilities. It is now possible to attach hooks to all Power BI events and inject any Power BI supported filter. Read the documentation for details.

If you are upgrading you need to stage the upgrade (see the crm installation step in the documentation for details).

No major changes expected now and until release of v1.0. But some adjustments may occur based on feedback.

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@taarskog taarskog released this Dec 23, 2016

[NEW] Support for on-premise. First version so be prepared for some quirks (though already being used by some). Documentation will be updated early next year, but basically it is required to sync users to Azure AD and set crmOnline: false in the config file.
[FIX] Click on tiles now correctly sets group id when opening Power BI on shared workspaces.

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@taarskog taarskog released this May 25, 2016

[FIX] Config template now back in the solution (v0.3.1 introduced an actual config file thus not exposing that one needed to update the file). Also added option for adal logging in the template.

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@taarskog taarskog released this May 19, 2016

[NEW] Added support for enabling Adal logging in config (adalLogLevel: <0-3> and adalLogFn: function(msg) {}). Function defaults to console.log(msg) and level to 0.
[NEW] Using Adal lib from MS instead of custom fork (instead of fork added logic to prevent sending token when loading files from CRM).

[BUG] Issue #7 fixed by putting query data into sessionStorage.
[BUG] Issue #6 fixed by adding missing groupId in links on config page.

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Two versions of the solution files are now available.

If your environment is CRM 2015 then download (see link further down):

Users on CRM 2016 or later should download:

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@taarskog taarskog released this Apr 12, 2016


  • [NEW] Support for filters on Power BI reports
  • [NEW] Added button to copy a tile/report configuration to the clipboard.
  • [NEW] Trimmed the error page.
  • [NEW] Refresh of config pages (expect another rewrite in the coming releases).
  • [BUG] Minor code fixes and cleanup.
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@taarskog taarskog released this Mar 16, 2016


  • [NEW] Support for group tiles/reports.
  • [BUG] Cache setting did the opposite of what was configured.
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