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What is this? As implemented an API system in Tabbles 4 and 5 (that works also in Confidential 1.x), we coded a simple plugin to help you develop your own. Our apps are written in .net and the APIs have to be called in C#. We used WPF for the GUI but that's not a requirement.

Building and deploying

  1. Unzip the files and copy into tabbles-testPlugin-ApiV4-master\lib the 3 dlls (they are in the Tabbles or Confidential install folder):
  • FSharp.Core.dll
  • TaggerLibCSharp.dll
  • TaggerLogic.dll
  1. Open the solution and build it in Visual Studio
  2. Put the output "testplugin.dll" in %appdata%\Tabbles\Plugins (or %appdata%\Confidential\Plugins )
  3. Run Tabbles (or Confidential) and check in the Plugins menu

Api functions we implemented so far

As of (16-Oct-17) we implemented 3x API functions (in plugin.cs), to be called with await:

  • Api.createTagWithDefaultColor(tagName); = we kept it as basic as possible, using this you can create only grey tags. We'll look into implementing creating colored tags at a later point.
  • Api.tagFiles(tags: tags, files: filesToTag);
  • Api.untagFiles(tags: tags, files: filesToTag);

Events implemented

As of (16-Oct-17) 4x events (in pluginWindow.xaml.cs) that you can listen by implemnting the interface TaggerApi.IEventListener :

  • onFilesTagged(IEnumerable files, IEnumerable tags);
  • onFilesUntagged(IEnumerable files, IEnumerable tags);
  • onTagCreated(tag tag);
  • onTagsDeleted(IEnumerable tags);

If you have requests or comments, please send them to

Thanks 👍 Andrea & Maurizio

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