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Open source simple business intelligence application and sql editor tool for Clickhouse.


Not need, open in browser

If need install

# Install NodeJS > v17.X, npm, yarn 

git clone
cd tabix
git checkout master

# ----
# For use directory /node-modules/ add line to .yarnrc.yml, 
# ! Tabix now not support PnP / Yarn ! 

# ! don't forget to add !  
echo 'nodeLinker: node-modules' > .yarnrc.yml

# Yarn setup 
yarn set version 3.1.1
yarn -v

# Install js libs
yarn install

# Run on  
yarn start

# Build html+js to /dist/ 
yarn build


  • Clickhouse server version up 19.x
  • Google Chrome ( other browser not tested )


Copyright 2022 Tabix LLC Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0