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# Hobo Cookbook!
This is the open-source code that implements the site at
# How to run locally
The cookbook does not run under Ruby 1.9.2, it requires Ruby 1.8.7.
This should be easy to fix if anybody wants to take a crack at it.
We're using Vlad for deployment, but it messes with our rake tasks at
other times, so the first step is to comment out the call to Vlad.load
in Rakefile.
As for many rails3 apps:
$ git submodule update --init
$ bundle install
$ vi config/database.yml # and adjust as required
$ bundle exec rake db:migrate
Unique to the cookbook:
$ pwd > git-path
$ echo 'rails3' > git-version
Run this command now and whenever you want to update/rebuild any of the external dependencies such as hobo, the plugins or the tutorials.
$ bundle exec rake cookbook:update
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