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This is the open-source code that implements the site at
+# How to run locally
+The cookbook does not run under Ruby 1.9.2, it requires Ruby 1.8.7.
+This should be easy to fix if anybody wants to take a crack at it.
+We're using Vlad for deployment, but it messes with our rake tasks at
+other times, so the first step is to comment out the call to Vlad.load
+in Rakefile.
+As for many rails3 apps:
+ $ git submodule update --init
+ $ bundle install
+ $ vi config/database.yml # and adjust as required
+ $ bundle exec rake db:migrate
+Unique to the cookbook:
+ $ pwd > git-path
+ $ echo 'rails3' > git-version
+Run this command now and whenever you want to update/rebuild any of the external dependencies such as hobo, the plugins or the tutorials.
+ $ bundle exec rake cookbook:update
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