A Tableau Web Data Connector for Github
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Github Data Connector

A web data connector for Tableau to help you connect with GitHub data.

Quickly pull in GitHub information from different repositories such as:

  • Issues
  • Pull Requests
  • Traffic Stats

An online version of the web data connector can be found here:

An experimental version - including unreleased changes - can be found here:

Quick Tutorial

  1. Open Tableau, navigate to web data connector and enter the following url: https://github-web-data-connector.herokuapp.com/github/

  2. Authenticate with your GitHub account. step2

  3. Choose a data type and insert a valid url such as provided in the examples. step3

  4. Click get Data and choose your table and/or select the default connection to obtain all data. step4

Local development


  • NPM dependencies
    • npm install


  • Run gulp from the command line.
  • Open Tableau and select Web Data Connector
  • Browse to http://localhost:9001
  • Fill in the required information and click 'Get Data'


  • Set up a new OAuth application in GitHub
  • Copy the necessary variables to a local .env file.