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Welcome to TelaSocial - Bem-vindo ao TelaSocial

Notice this repository brings the full history of the project so it may bring a lot of data that is not in place anymore if you are using HEAD. The new structure is:

      \_____apps ( Example of content app -- Web and JS only ) 
      \_____xulrunner ( the client basic XULRunner app) 
      \_____builder ( an attempt to build a simple browser xulrunner app ) 


  1. Novo - Instalador - Packager
  2. Velho — Instalação XULRunner/Linux
  3. Novo - FAQ geral


This project is an open-source and web-based system and offers an interactive solution for kiosks for public and semi-public environments, but not limited too.

  1. OS FAQ


  1. Kiosk used in FISL, major open source event in Brazil
  2. Timeline example widget
  3. Overview social causes
  4. Treadmill App

Who used?

  1. 2009 - ICMC - University of Sao Paulo
  2. 2010 - FISL11 - Major Open Source Event in Brazil
  3. 2010 - IFSC - University of Sao Paulo
  4. [2011 — FISL12]
  5. [2011 - Latinoware]
  6. [2012 - EESC]


Pre-requirements and other projects involved

  1. XULRunner —
  2. TelaSocial Mediator
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