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Technote - Manually setting up Webpack for a simple project using less
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Manually setting up Webpack for a simple project using less

nvm use 8.6

Create your project from the newly created directory:

npm init -y

Installing webpack and webpack-cli

npm install webpack webpack-cli --save-dev

The Babel, loader and modules?

npm install -D babel-loader
npm install @babel/core -D

Babel support for ES2015 (now preset-env)

What was updated from Marcio's prior doc was Some of the "Babel" npm modules are now of the new name kind "@babel/preset-env"

npm install --save-dev @babel/preset-env

Babel support for React

npm install --save-dev @babel/preset-react

Webpack css loader

npm install --save-dev css-loader
npm install style-loader -D

Webpack config for ES2015 (-dev), CSS, and React

var path = require("path");
var DIST_DIR = path.resolve(__dirname, "dist");
var SRC_DIR = path.resolve(__dirname, "src");
var config = {
    entry: [ SRC_DIR + "/index.js"],
    output: {
        path: DIST_DIR + "/",
        filename: "bundle.js",
        publicPath: "/"
    module: {
        rules: [
                test: /\.js?/,
                include: SRC_DIR,
                loader: "babel-loader",
                query: {
                    presets: ["@babel/preset-react", "@babel/preset-env"]
              test: /\.css$/,
              use: [ 'css-loader' ]
module.exports = config;

Webpack dev server

For reloading...

npm install webpack-dev-server --save-dev

Testing at this stage

npm run babel-start

Test with localhost:8080

Adding Less

npm install less -D
npm install less-loader --save-dev

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