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TorqueBox Ruby Platform

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  • Maven 3
  • Configuration of the JBoss Maven repository in settings.xml


TorqueBox depends on polyglot:

Polyglot is published as a snapshot, so you may need to run mvn with the -U option to check for updates if you run into build issues.


Install the project using the provided settings.xml:

mvn -s support/settings.xml install

If you will be building the project often, you'll want to create/modify your own ~/.m2/settings.xml file.

If you're a regular JBoss developer, see:

Otherwise, see:

Once your repositories are configured, simply type:

mvn install


After successfully building it, you'll probably want to run it. To do so, set TORQUEBOX_HOME, and add $TORQUEBOX_HOME/jruby/bin to your $PATH, like so:

export TORQUEBOX_HOME=$PWD/build/assembly/target/stage/torquebox
export PATH=$TORQUEBOX_HOME/jruby/bin:$PATH

You can then use the torquebox command to control your creation. Run it without parameters to see a list of its supported subcommands.

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