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tabula 1.2.1 / tabula-java 1.0.2

Tabula 1.2.1 includes an update of our processing backend (tabula-java 1.0.2), which fixes several bugs.

This page contains technical release notes; please visit the Tabula official homepage for an overview of Tabula and quick download links:

If you have any issues with this version of Tabula, please let us know!

Bug fixes

  • fix jarPath in Windows build (de6e251)
  • don't attempt to add selections from a template if the selection is for a non-existent page (8dcf7d4)
  • fix the delete page button (e636d8f)
  • Use KcmsServiceProvider if available (imporoves page rendering time) (b006754)



$ shasum -a256 tabula*.zip
fea6a5d26e2ab1abf2cc0a694d93810c59e93e0ce9190fce31541fdf6e7e6ece  tabula-jar-1.2.1.zip
7f0270ce3db17cfa14a8a111de9fbf39fbdd330d9784796daf13019d08cac140  tabula-mac-1.2.1.zip
a5bd9afd969c7488f91ea3a7a09d56a1b53fe86ee231b81d205a8c1a9d459a05  tabula-win-1.2.1.zip