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Java 2-D Game Framework

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The J2DGAMEFRAMEWORK provides the necessary classes to implements a simple 2D Game in a window enviroment. This framework also provides a Sprites Collision Manager end a simple GUI template using the Java Swing libraries. By using this Framework, the developer's only think is how implements his classes and never mind about the 2D World, the collisions, etc...

How does it works

The J2DGF use a few small class file to represent the necessary object in order to manage a simple 2D world. This is useful for simple game, simulation and everybody wants to create a 2D world effortlessly. For viewing how you can use this framework, download the last version and see the com.tabuto.test.j2dgf.

To use in your application: simply download the jar file and import it in your Java Project. See the doc file for J2DGF API or read the UserGuide wiki.

For Developers

If you want to join the project contact me at (tabuto83(at)gmail(dot)com)!

J2DGF Features

  • Use Double Buffer to increase framerate;

  • The Game use a canvasPanel into WindowForm with a menubar. Edit it for more options;

  • Group can now contains every Class extends Sprite;

  • CollisionDetector makes easy to manage collision between sprite and sprite group;

  • Every Sprite has a Vector object to manage movement, collision, and more!

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