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TACACSGUI is a system of centralised network devices authentication


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Free Access Control Server for Your Network Devices. GUI for powerful tacacs daemon by Marc Huber

How to install

Please use Installation Script. Only Ubuntu 18.04.x supported.

What it can

AAA - Authentication Authorization Accounting

AAA User by Local Database, LDAP Server or One-Time Password

  1. Local Database. All password stored as a hash, the main advantage of this type is a user can change his/her password via gui or via device cli (not all devices supported).
  2. LDAP Server. Based on Adldap2. Work with Windows AD and OpenLDAP.
  3. One-Time Password (OTP). Based on Spomky-Labs/otphp. Authentication with OTP by using Google Authenticator, for example.

High Availability and Configuration Manager(alpha version)

  • High Availability based on MySQL Replication. All changes on Master will be available on Slave. In that case Slave also can be as a working auth-server, all full log will be stored on Master.
  • Configuration Manager alpha version, but it is already have many advantages. It is works under Python and main library here's pexpect. All configuration files stored in git repository on server, it means that you won't have many files with different version you will have only one file with story of changes.

Hope you will enjoy it!

If you want to help, you are welcome! Also you can be my Patron on Patreon, you can stimulate me to do updates more often.

Main site is There you can find more info about that project.

See you and have a nice day!

Best Regards, Aleksey


TACACSGUI is a system of centralised network devices authentication







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