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@github-actions github-actions released this Dec 12, 2020



  • Tri-state library filters (@hXtreme)
  • Tri-state chapter filters
  • Ability to set global filter/sort/display settings for manga chapters (chapter filter sheet → overflow menu) (@lmj0011)
  • Ability to choose what to remove for selected mangas (@scb261)


  • Add infinite history and search history (@jobobby04)
  • Ability to delete all reading history (Settings → Advanced → Clear history) (@ghostbear)


  • Show locale in sources list
  • Global search layout tweaks (@ghostbear)
  • Add global search progress bar
  • Add help shortcut for source migration
  • OS-wide text selection shortcut to do a global search (Android 6+)



  • v3 backups (@jobobby04)
    • Now produces .proto.gz backup files that can be restored offline
    • Legacy .json backup files are still created by default for automatic backups for use with older versions of Tachiyomi and forks that don't support the new backups yet


  • Include manga/chapter/page details when sharing a chapter page (@Jays2Kings)
  • Samsung S Pen actions support (@RikudouSage)
  • Incognito mode (at the top of More) (@Platiplus, @ghostbear)
    • Disables recording reading history
    • Doesn't update the last used source
    • Doesn't save chapter progress unless the manga is being tracked

Behavior changes


  • Prevent tag search if browsing from latest
  • Remove 10 results per source limit from global search (still limited to 1 page)


  • Remove chapter from download queue if manually marked as read (@ghostbear)


  • Show "Downloaded only" banner in all views
  • Trust user-added certificate authorities

UI updates

  • Manga info view design updates
  • Tweak default dark theme colors (@CrepeTF)
  • Darken description colors (@Soitora)

Bug fixes

  • Workaround for MyAnimeList logins (requires logging in again)
  • Reader transition text not being centered properly
  • Missing chapter warning when chapter number is not recognized (@ghostbear)
  • Bottom padding in source filters sheet (@unlocked)
  • Fall back to filename in backup creation notification if path not available
  • Don't scroll to top when navigating back/forward in WebView


  • Remove support for backup v1 (v2 JSON is still supported)

Under the hood

  • Migrate build processes from Travis CI to GitHub Actions
  • Build workflow improvements (@sainAk)
  • Migrate to kotlinx.serialization for various things
  • Replace some usages of Kotlin synthetics

As usual, thanks to all of the app contributors, extension maintainers, translators, support staff, website maintainers, bug reporters, and all of the other community members!

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