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Tachyons React App [WIP]

This extends create-react-app to include Tachyons implemented with emotion + styled-system. If you're familiar with Tachyons and are interested in css-in-js, this is hopefully a helpful project. Can be used for anything you'd use create-react-app for. While Tachyons is light-weight by default, using css-in-js will result in increased css performance as you don't send unused styles down the wire.

Getting going

Clone the directory and cd into the root of the directory

git clone newProject && cd newProject

Install dependencies


Start the dev environment

yarn start

This should start a development environment on localhost:3000



This folder contains html elements wired up to styled system. Scales are defined and configurable in src/theme.js

Not every element has every styling prop included. For instance I don't find it useful to set fontSize on an img.

Elements can be composed together just like regular html elements to make more complex components.


Add new pages / routes in src/App.js

You can copy src/pages/Example.js to get a new blank page to work with. Say we wanted to create a view at localhost:3000/new-page and we wanted the page to be called NewPage.

Import it into App.js

// import pages here 
import Styles from './pages/Styles'
import Home from './pages/Home'
import NewPage from './pages/NewPage'

Next add the route you want to use for that page

    <Route exact path='/' component={Home} />
    <Route path='/styles' component={Styles} />
    <Route path='/new-page' component={NewPage} />


The theme file is 100% configurable. While Tachyons comes with some useful defaults, you can modify, extend, or reduce anything that's there to fit your needs.

Styled system

Styled system is well documented and I suggest checking out the official site over at In short - Styled system allows you to pass arrays of values to style props like color, fontSize, display, and more that map to a consistent set of breakpoints. You can reference scales from a theme file or pass in literal values. The output is a set of single purpose classes for only the styles you need in your view.

I love styled system. I've been using it heavily for the last two years and I think it is a great way to implement Tachyons. While many people think of Tachyons as a css file, I think of it as a project. A whole bunch of modular ideas with a common set of principals.

The main Tachyons repo includes a bunch of terse naming schemes for a lot of the classes, but that was never a core part of the project, which is why thanks to @hongkonggong there has been a verbose version with longer class names we've supported. While the main version was built with postcss, we've long supported a sass build as well. The stack has never been the point. Tachyons for me have been centered around pushing the envelope in css performance for both rendering and download speed while testing the relationships between values in design primitives.

While trying to keep Tachyons small - it's important to limit things like how large the color palette is. For every color there were corresponding border,:hover,:focus classes. With styled-system and emotion this isn't an issue. You can keep a more verbose color palette, without automatically creating a larger css foot-print. The only css that's generated is for the styles you are using. While some people use something to strip out unused styles, I think this model makes more sense and is less error prone.

While personally I don't have too much trouble parsing the same property being spread out in a class string e.g. "f2 db di-ns f3-m f4-l" I think it's a lot nicer to have properties automatically grouped together. You also aren't dealing with repetitive name spacing in the class names e.g f6 f4-ns f3-l Each f is just indicating it's the font size property. I don't think I'm going out on a limb to say that this is ~1000x nicer fontSize={[3,4,6]}

If the transition to javascript style syntax scares you a bit, I can absolutely relate. I am very limited in my javascript ability and this project is partly a reflection of all the stuff I wish I had setup 2 years ago when I first started to almost explicitly work in codebases that used a css-in-js solution for styling. If you know html and css - I hope this serves as a gateway to play with react and css-in-js a bit. It's currently my favorite way to use Tachyons.



Tachyons implemented with emotion and styled-system. Sits on create-react-app.






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