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A lightweight Ruby wrapper for the Linux SVN command line interface
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A lightweight wrapper written in Ruby for the Linux command line SVN interface. It allows basic interaction with an SVN repository, including adding, renaming, deleting, committing, diffing and checking the status of files.

Licensed under the MIT license (See LICENSE.txt for details)

Authors: Andrew Berkeley

Copyright: Copyright (c) Andrew Berkeley



Just include the code somewhere appropriate


  • UNIX system
  • SVN installation
  • Ruby!


SVN authentication credentials must be initialized as follows:

SVN.username = "a_username"
SVN.password = "a_password"

File management can then be performed:"new_file.txt", 'w') { |file| file.write "This is a new file" }

SVN.status                               => [["?", "new_file.txt"]]

SVN.add "new_file.txt"                   => "A         new_file.txt\n"

SVN.commit "adding new file"             => "12345 // new revision number
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