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4 dryml/taglibs/core.dryml
@@ -61,10 +61,10 @@ For example, you might want to wrap an `<img>` tag in an `<a>` tag but only unde
### Usage
- <if test="&current_user.administrtator?">Logged in as administrator</if>
+ <if test="&current_user.administrator?">Logged in as administrator</if>
<else>Logged in as normal user</else>
-**IMPORTANT NOTE**: `<if>` tests for non-blank vs. blank (as defined by ActiveSuport), not true vs. false.
+**IMPORTANT NOTE**: `<if>` tests for non-blank vs. blank (as defined by ActiveSupport), not true vs. false.
If you do not give the `test` attribute, uses the current context instead. This allows a nice trick like this:

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